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Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Men is a European car servicing and repair workshop in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Located in Brooklyn, Alfa Men mechanics service and repair all makes of European car and are Alfa Romeo specialists.

Alfa Men offers friendly service and quality car care at great prices.

We are dedicated to delivering value and expertise regardless of the make, model, age, km’s or condition of your vehicle. From new to the classic, we firmly believe that the passion and pride built into every car should be enjoyed at every opportunity. Our team will ensure your car performs as it was designed to.

We thank each of our customers who give us the opportunity to service and maintain their cars.

Why Choose Us?

Ensure your vehicle is performing at it’s optimum and avoid expensive repair costs

As we all know, there’s nothing more satisfying than driving a prestige car that is in A1 mechanical condition. Peak condition allows your car to operate as it was designed to, efficiently, smoothly and most importantly… spiritedly.

Our mechanical experience means that we pay close attention to known issues and weak points in the design of any vehicle, tailoring individual maintenance programs to minimise cost and maximise the life of your vehicle.

Whatever you drive, Alfa Men know exactly how to maintain it without blowing the bank…after all whats’ the use in maintaining a vehicle if the maintenance costs you more than the car itself!

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We believe we can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle. Call us today and put our team to the test.

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Our Services


If your car hasn’t been serviced according to the manufacturers’ schedule in the past, don’t despair. We can fully assess the needs of your vehicle and develop an individual service schedule to suit you.

Alfa Men’s experienced technicians will service your car according to the manufacturer’s schedule with all parts and supplies used meeting or exceeding the standards set by the manufacturer.

Here are some of the services that Alfa Men offer:

View our detailed service schedules for each model:

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