Alfa’s Next Top Model….. An Alfa Romeo SUV!

Alfa Romeo SUV Scoop

World wide, the Alfa Romeo rumour mill is running faster than Miley Cyrus on crack. Conjecture is rife but those in the know tell us that Alfa’s next top model, after the sexy 4C model is released in 2014 will be an Alfa Romeo SUV!

While many auto buffs won’t be surprised after Alfa first showed an Alfa Romeo SUV concept model ‘Kamal’ at the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, it fair to say that until now most people had given up hope. While specifications and photos are guarded more closely than the recipe for Coca Cola, we can only guess that the SUV prototype shown below is close to the final product.

Whatever the final styling, Alfa Men believe that the base model will feature the 1750 4 Cyl Turbo Petrol engine with a JTD diesel option. An extension of the RDA technology is likely to bring a new aspect to AWD performance. The kerb weight of the vehicle is unlikely to tip the 1,400kg mark with new light weight technologies in plentiful supply.

While we can’t wait for the final product… it appears that more information isn’t expected until later this year with a release possible in early 2015. We’ll keep you informed!

Alfa Romeo SUV Front

Alfa Romeo SUV Side

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