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As a keen car enthusiast and with a strong background in automotive workshop management, I always wanted to establish an Alfa Romeo specialist workshop in Melbourne's west. Alfa Men is the product of that desire and I cannot thank our loyal customers enough for their support and input to our family owned business.

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Alfa Romeo Timing Belts Explained

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked at Alfa Men is ‘why do the Alfa Romeo belts need to be changed so often when those belts fitted to other engines last twice as long?’ The answer to the question is different depending on which engine you have and how you drive your vehicle but we’ll attempt to answer it Continue Reading...
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Has Your Car Caught A Winter Cold….. It’s Probably Got A Faulty Thermostat?

At Alfa Men, we can't tell you how often we examine a customer's car and find that the thermostat is faulty. It's just one of those parts that everyone forgets about yet the issue is easy to diagnose. By replacing a faulty thermostat you'll be extending the life of your engine significantly and unleashing more horsepower in the process. As far as repairs go, it's the ultimate win win. A...
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Alfa’s Next Top Model….. An Alfa Romeo SUV!

Alfa Romeo SUV Scoop World wide, the Alfa Romeo rumour mill is running faster than Miley Cyrus on crack. Conjecture is rife but those in the know tell us that Alfa’s next top model, after the sexy 4C model is released in 2014 will be an Alfa Romeo SUV! While many auto buffs won’t be surprised after Alfa first showed Continue Reading...
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