Log Book Servicing and Warranty


Servicing and repairing your vehicle with Alfa Men ensures that your manufacturer’s warranty is not compromised. We use top quality parts and supplies and ensure that OEM parts are used in all instances. Parts used by Alfa Men meet or exceed the standards established by the vehicle’s manufactuer. All of our services and repairs are covered by a 12 month, 20,000km warranty.

As we specialise in maintaining your Alfa, we’re able to ensure that each service we perform is done right the first time. Our technicians are quick and efficient at servicing your car and the savings in time are passed on the you. Professional servicing need not cost you the earth. Call us for a quote on your next service or repair and judge for yourself.

Alfa Men Servicing & Repairs

An Area of Expertise

Beyond our expert servicing, at Alfa Men we pride ourselves on our ability to diagnose and rectify issues the first time without subjecting our customers to the ‘buy another part and try approach’. Chances are, if your car has an unusual problem, we’ve seen before! With the latest in diagnostic software and tools (including a number of tools unique to Alfa Men) our workshop has know how to resolve issues quickly and at the lowest possible price.

What is the Difference Between Maintenance and Repair

Ensure your vehicle is performing at it’s optimum and avoid expensive repair costs
Whatever you drive, Alfa Men know exactly how to maintain it without blowing the bank… after all what’s the use in maintaining a vehicle if the maintenance costs you more than the car itself!

We believe you’ll find that you can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining your vehicle with Alfa Men. Call us today and put our team to the test.