Alfa 156

Service Schedule and Pricing

SERVICE INTERVAL (000’s KM)      20         40         60         80         100         120         140         160         180         200    
Total Service Cost inc. GST – 2.0 TS and JTS Engine $305 $330 $1225 $360 $380 $1315 $305 $360 $1225 $470
Total Service Cost inc. GST – V6 Engine $305 $330 $320 $340 $360 $1760 $305 $330 $320 $450
Check tyre wear/conditions and adjust pressures
Check front brake pads and discs for wear
Check rear brake pads and discs for wear
Check condition of lines, power steering and drive shafts     
Check under body, paintwork and all rubber components
Check condition of poly-V drive belts (replace every 120,000kms)   
Replace timing belt and balancer shaft drive belt 2.0l *
*Timing belt interval was reduced by Alfa Romeo on 13/11/06 for all twin spark and JTS engines to 60,000km or every 3 years, whichever is sooner.
Check condition of timing belt (V6)
Replace timing belt (V6) **
**We recommend a timing belt interval on all V6 engines of every 100,000kms or every 4 years, whichever is sooner.
Check and adjust hand brake
Check fuel vapour recovery system
Replace air cleaner (TS, JTS & V6)
Check and top up levels (incl. Selespeed if applicable)
Replace spark plugs (TS and JTS engines only)
Replace spark plugs (V6 engines only)
Complete full electronic diagnostic check
Check mechanical transmission oil level
Replace engine oil and filter
Renew pollen filter (if fitted)
Replace brake fluid (or every 2 years)
Reset service indicator and stamp service history
Road test car, check and adjust all lights, wipers, washers etc

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Pricing subject to change without notice.
Cost of service does not include quantities of top up fluid greater than one litre or replacement parts unless specified above.

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