Alfa 159

Service Schedule and Pricing

Minor service including safety checks due at (kms x 1,000) 15, 45, 75, 105, 135, 165, 195
Minor service cost incl. GST $230

SERVICE INTERVAL (000’s KM)     30         60         90         120         150         180         210    
SERVICE INTERVAL (MONTHS)     24         48         72         96         120         144         168    
Total Service Cost inc. GST – 2.2 JTS Petrol $305 $335 $305 $465 $305 $335 $305
Total Service Cost inc. GST – 3.2 JTS Petrol $305 $335 $305 $585 $305 $375 $305
Total Service Cost inc. GST – JTD Diesel $375 $365 $375 $365 $1325 $405 $375
Check tyre wear/conditions and adjust pressures
Check and adjust all lights, wipers, washers etc
Check front brake pads and discs for wear
Check rear brake pads and discs for wear
Conditions and visual check: body work, under body, pipes and hoses and rubber elements
Check cleanliness of bonnet and boot locks, as well as cleanliness and lubrication of linkages
Visually inspect condition of accessory drive belts
Check and adjust handbrake lever travel
Check evaporation control system (petrol engines only)
Replace air cleaner cartridge (petrol engines only)
Replace air cleaner cartridge (diesel engines only)
Check and top up, if required, fluid levels (engine coolant, brake/hydraulic clutch fluid, windscreen fluid, battery, Selespeed fluid, etc)
Check condition of timing drive belt and poly-V accessories belt
Replace toothed timing belt drive (diesel engines only)*
*Regardless of mileage the timing belt must be replaced every four years.
Replace accessories drive belt
Replace spark plugs (petrol engines only)
Check and adjust tapped clearance (1.9 JTDm 8V models)
Check efficiency of engine management systems (via tester connection)
Change front transmission idler fluid (3.2 JTS models)
Check manual gearbox oil level
Change engine oil and oil filter**
**Change engine oil and oil filter every 15,000km or 12 months or as indicated by the vehicle onboard computer.
Change brake fluid (or every 2 years)
Replace fuel filter (JTD models)
Replace pollen filter (or every year)
Check engine exhaust emmissions/fumes

Pricing subject to change without notice.
Cost of service does not include quantities of top up fluid greater than one litre or replacement parts unless specified above.

Loan cars available at $33 per day.