Advanced Diagnostics

Diagnostics – A Black Art?

With so much faith placed in the hands of your chosen mechanic, it’s easy to believe that all technicians should be able to quickly find the cause of a given problem. Experience has taught us (sometimes at great cost) that this is not always the case. Alfa Men pride themselves on being the experts when it comes to diagnostics. We’re usually able to diagnose and rectify issues the first time without subjecting our customers to the ‘buy another part and try approach’.

Chances are, if your car has an unusual problem, we’ve seen before! With the latest in diagnostic software and tools (including a number of tools unique to Alfa Men) our workshop has know how to resolve issues quickly and at the lowest possible price.

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As a keen car enthusiast and with a strong background in automotive workshop management, I always wanted to establish an Alfa Romeo specialist workshop in Melbourne's west. Alfa Men is the product of that desire and I cannot thank our loyal customers enough for their support and input to our family owned business.

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