Preventive Maintenance

Avoiding Costly Repairs

As is the case with every car, preventative maintenance can mean the difference between trouble free motoring and costly repairs. Alfa maintenance in particular requires close attention to detail, specialist tools, quality parts and an experienced team who can identify and address the early signs of any issue before it becomes a costly repair.

Important points for Alfa Romeo owners include ensuring that your timing belt is changed according to the manufacturers’ schedule, ensuring all oils and lubricants are appropriate for the model and that technicians inspect for known issues at each service. It’s the unique requirements of Alfa Romeo’s that bring generic mechanics unstuck.

Alfa Men can ensure that your vehicle always performs at a premium level and take pride in providing oustanding service at affordable prices.

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As a keen car enthusiast and with a strong background in automotive workshop management, I always wanted to establish an Alfa Romeo specialist workshop in Melbourne's west. Alfa Men is the product of that desire and I cannot thank our loyal customers enough for their support and input to our family owned business.

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