Tyre and Wheel Service

The Essence of Handling

It’s very easy to forget that tyres and wheels are all that stand between our vehicles and the road. The right tyres can bring your car alive, are quiet, will last 40,000-50,000kms and best still won’t break the bank! Knowing which tyre suits your car is where the art lies.

Finding the right tyre is often dependant on many factors and can include variables that we often never think of including; the weight of the vehicle, the load balance from front to rear, the amount of sound deadening in the body, etc, etc

At Alfa Men, our experience can assist you to find the right tyre for your car the first time. We regularly test different brands and tread patterns and can provide our customers with tyres and wheels to suit every model and budget.

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As a keen car enthusiast and with a strong background in automotive workshop management, I always wanted to establish an Alfa Romeo specialist workshop in Melbourne's west. Alfa Men is the product of that desire and I cannot thank our loyal customers enough for their support and input to our family owned business.

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